Linda Nelson for New Year's Wish from ALLOut

January 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda Nelson, Business Success Director

It's officially 2022 and I'd like to share a New Year's wish just for you...

Linda Nelson: Happy New Year, Everyone This is Linda Nelson, I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

We achieved a lot in 2021! Some of the highlights we delivered to our customers and the JDE community this year are...

Linda Nelson: 2021 has certainly been a year to think outside the box and many of our customers have had to do that. The idea that we've been able to offer them online on demand education has really assisted them in learning whatever tools that they need to use. Whether it's standard JD Edwards functionality or things within the ALLOut toolset that being able to offer that education has been wonderful. Um, it's right in line with what we've done forever and going to conferences and educating and trying to make sure that we really are giving back to that whole JD Edwards community. Then, as more and more of my customers have been upgrading, being able to offer them UDO functionality, which aligns with the new tools that Oracle and JD Edwards is offering to all of the customer base with the new upgrades and being able to partner on that has just been wonderful this year. So, looking forward to some new things we've got coming in the future too.

As we start the New Year, I'd like to wish you well for 2022 and I hope you have a great year ahead...

Linda Nelson: The last two years has certainly taught me and many of us the importance of being there for one another and for understanding and helping each other out. And I wish for each one of us in the coming year to really take a chance to recharge the importance of focusing on yourselves and getting, getting some downtime. And also to use some of your time to give back to others, whether it's your local community, your business, family, your personal family or or others that you may run into. In our case, in the JD Edwards community, um, I wish everyone a happy, healthy and productive coming year.

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