2022 Partner Update

December 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stef Stylianou, Partner Manager, ALLOut Security

Stef Stylianou: Hello everyone and welcome to our 2022 partner update! For those of you that don't know me. I'm Stef Stylianou your dedicated partner manager here at ALLOut and it is the end of the year already. So I thought it would be a good time to just do a very quick partner update and let you know what's going on in the business. Um, so I'll start off by just saying thank you for supporting us this year. It's been really great to have a partner network that we can rely on and honestly we couldn't do what we do without our partners. So fantastic! End of the year for us and in terms of projects, delivered implementations and even managed services contracts that we've been able to push towards partners. So a lot of what we've done this year, we have refocused our strategy to ensure we're really focused on developing software and in doing so it's fantastic because we do have another version coming out shortly with lots of great new functionality in it, including UDOs... And on the other hand, it's benefited our partners greatly because I've been able to give a lot more partner referrals to various customers that have been looking to achieve lots more with their JD Edwards instance, real change projects that require a service provider like yourselves. We just don't have that expertise. Um, so a few things that we've done internally is we've really focused on developing our customer self service portal. So within that customers can now access a wealth of resources related to training. So if it is um you know, they're looking for up skilling their own team or trying to really work out how they can use the software and it's best practices then the all that academy is now available to them. There's a lot of work being done there to make sure that's accessible and there's a lot of learning resources getting uploaded there every single day. So that's fantastic. We've also got the knowledge base, which was this year's project where we've basically created a searchable FAQ for technical questions and that is all available through the customer portal as well. And customers can also now contact customer success or raise a software change request through the customer portal. And in terms of how partners work with customers, we are aware that a lot of our customers have contractors working on site. So if you are a partner that is working on site with one of our customers, you can access the customer portal using an email address with the customer domain. So if it is a software change request, you're looking to log or if you're looking to get some more in depth knowledge on some of our functionality, you can request that the customer give you access to their customer portal. In addition to that though, we do have the partner portal, which I'm proud to say is now available in its enhanced version. So you do now have access to the certification for all out project professional. So if you're looking to showcase your expertise and win some new business in this niche security market that we operate in, you can now take a certification on the all out partner portal. In addition to that, the knowledge base is also available to partners there as is a wealth of other resources, such as videos, on how some of our modules work, how you can Install, how you can get the most out of ALLOut. All of that is available on the all out partner portal as well. So all in all, that's been great. I guess a key takeaway from me this year has really been that with refocusing our strategy to be the best software house. We know we can be, we've been able to push approximately 25 different customers to partners that did not already have a service provider and that we're trying to achieve various goals within their JD Edwards instance. Um so I'm pleased to say that that partner referral framework has been working nicely and equally, we've had a lot of referrals from partners to us with your customers actually wanting security software. So all in all, it's been a fantastic collaboration this year. Once again, I just want to extend my thanks to you and for 2023 please get in touch with me if you're interested in running a joint marketing webinar or doing some co branded marketing materials. I would really love to hear from you beyond that. You do have my email, but just in case it's stef.stylianou@alloutsecurity.com You can send me an email any time you want. I'd be happy to consider how we can collaborate and drive some new business opportunities together. So with that said, happy holidays and enjoy the rest of 2022 and I look forward to seeing you again in the new year,

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