New Year's Wish from Monica Otero

January 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Monica Otero, Solutions Director

It's officially 2022 and I'd like to share a New Year's wish just for you...

Monica Otero: Hi there, this is Monica and I've been part of ALLOut Security for 13 13 years now and I'm very happy to say that I've met most of you over the years. The best thing we deliver this year was without any doubt, our commitment more than ever to our customers, partners and our JDE community to provide continuous value to their JDE journey in the form of software, but also by sharing a ton of engaging and educational content which ended up culminating in the creation of our online academy this year. All that without losing our sense of humor and our passion to engage in learning. We dressed up as pirates for a day and as elves for another day, as part of the INFOCUS conferences and it was so much fun for everybody who, who got involved. My New Year's message is a message of gratitude to all of you colleagues, customers, partners, fans, supporters, the JDE community for their continuous support and resilience through this challenging covid times that everyone's going through and that everyone is trying to do their best. Let's have hope in science in medicine and technology. I wish you and your families a safe, healthy and especially Happy 2022

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