New Year's Wish from ALLOut

January 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Rey, Account manager, AllOut Security

It's 2022! We gathered the team just for you...

Linda Nelson: Happy New Year, Everyone! This is Linda Nelson...

Tanya Johnson: Hi! I'm Tanya from the ALLOut Services team.

Andrew Ostdiek: Hello, I am Andrew Ostdiek...

Stef Stylianou: Hello everyone, I'm Stef Stylianou

Luke Phillips: Hello! This is Luke Phillips ALLOut Security Technical Architect.

Sherri Conrardy: Hi, I'm Sherry Conrardy with ALLOut Security I'm a Solutions Director here!

Alex Rippingale: Hi, there my name is Alex Rippingale

Kathy McCabe: Hello, I'm Kathy McCabe in Administration...

Toni Pallas: Hi I'm Tony Pallas, I'm a Developer here at ALLOut Security.

Stephanie Rey: Hi this is Stephanie Rey from All Out Security.

Monica Otero: Hi there, this is Monica and I've been part of All Out Security for 13 years now!

Despite challenges, in 2021 we focused our efforts on delivering for JD Edwards customers across the Globe...

Linda Nelson: 2021 has certainly been a year to think outside the box and many of our customers have had to do that. The idea that we've been able to offer them online on demand education has really assisted them in learning whatever tools that they need to use. Whether it's standard JD Edwards functionality or things within the ALLOut tools that being able to offer that education

Andrew Ostdiek: The best thing we've delivered in 2021 has been our new ALLOut Academy, which provides knowledge transfer instantly with our on-demand digital e-learning hub. And I'm especially proud of our continued engagement with fellow JDE professionals in providing webinars and educational sessions for the JDE and Quest communities..

Luke Phillips: I am proud not just that we have a wide variety of customer driven features in our software, but that our academy and the software developing interface makes all of those features accessible to all customers.

Monica Otero: The best thing we deliver this year was without any doubt, our commitment more than ever to our customers, partners and our JDE community to provide continuous value to their JDE journey in the form of software, but also by sharing a ton of engaging and educational content!

Toni Pallas: Well this year, we work hard to get this new version working. So with the change control, and the SuperGrid!

Stef Stylianou: One of my favorite projects this year that we were able to successfully deliver was our new website. It's really great, fantastic place for our customers. It includes our new customer hub, lots of training, fantastic tutorials and of course the ALLOut Academy...

In 2022, we can't wait to share what's in store for you! We'd like to start by wishing you well...

Monica Otero: My New Year's message is a message of gratitude to all of you colleagues, customers, partners, fans, and supporters... the JDE community for their continuous support and resilience through this challenging covid times that everyone's going through and that everyone is trying to do their best. Let's have hope in science, in medicine and technology.

Linda Nelson: The last two years has certainly taught me and many of us the importance of being there for one another and for understanding and helping each other out. And I wish for each one of us in the coming year to really take a chance to recharge the importance of focusing on yourselves and getting, getting some downtime. And also to use some of your time to give back to others,

Luke Phillips: For 2022 we look forward to exciting new products that empower to control and prevent audit risks I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Andrew Ostdiek: Well 2022 is here already. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Blueprint 4D conference this summer and wish you and your loved ones a healthy and Happy New Year.

Monica Otero: I wish you and your families a safe, healthy and especially Happy 2022

Linda Nelson: I wish everyone a happy, healthy and productive coming year.

Stephanie Rey: Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a successful 2022 from ALLOut!

Sherri Conrardy: I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2022.

Toni Pallas: Well, Happy New Year wishing you all the best for 2022!

Alex Rippingale: We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022.

Kathy McCabe: I'm wishing you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2022.

Tanya Johnson: and I wish you all a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2022.

Stef Stylianou: Should auld acquaintance be forgot What's the rest Happy New Year everyone, Bye Bye.

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