VV: Stephanie Rey for Your ALLOut Employee Experience

April 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Rey, Account Manager, ALLOut Security

Could you share a few details about the favourite part of your role at ALLOut Security?

Stephanie Rey: Hi everyone. My name is Stephanie and I'm an Account Manager here at ALLOut Security! As an Account Manager. I think my favourite part of my role would have to be diversity. Our team comes from all over the World and so do our customers and our partners. I really, really find it fascinating being able to talk to and have the opportunity to work with people from all different parts of the World and different backgrounds. We all get to learn so much from each other.

What do you like most about working at ALLOut Security in general?

Stephanie Rey: If I had to pick one, I think my favorite part about working at ALLOut Security in general would have to be our product. As a company, we believe in providing cost effective solutions to simply secure and protect organizations against emerging risks. We strive to build every relationship on the foundation of Trust! Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

How do you feel yourself & other employees embody the mission of ALLOut Security?

Stephanie Rey: Our team is really big on knowledge transfer. We ideally want our customers to be well educated and informed on the ALLOut JDE software. Therefore, for this reason, we have recently released our new ALLOut Academy. The ALLOut Academy is an undemanding digital e-learning hub where you can learn industry best practices, expand your knowledge and you can even get certified. This is a great benefit for our customers to skill up, and they have really been loving it so far.

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