Meet Linda Nelson, Account Manager & Business Success Director

September 14, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda Nelson, CPA, Account Manager & Business Success Director, ALLOut Security

Could you share a few details about the favourite part of your role at ALLOut Security?

Linda Nelson, CPA: In my current role in our organization, I really get to benefit from my experiences over the last 30 years in compliance and 20 years in the JD Edwards implementation community!

What do you like most about working at ALLOut Security in general?

Linda Nelson, CPA: For me, being a part of the ALLOut Security family is really about focusing on our core values! The ideas of community collaboration, knowledge transfer, being truthfully sincere and continuous innovation. What isn't there to be proud of about part of that and to really feel like I'm contributing to my organization and contribute, contributing to the community and being a part of something much bigger and something that can be successful for everyone involved.

How do you feel yourself & other employees embody the mission of ALLOut Security?

Linda Nelson, CPA: Our mission is to deliver simple security and streamlined processes for security and for auditable reporting. When we are working together, when we are engaging in innovation or engaging in an endeavour whether it's education or solution creation. The conversation is always around what makes sense, what's going to add value? And in that way I feel like we are embodying that idea of how do we deliver value? How do we deliver success for our customers and empower them to pass audits.. I was a customer, I remember what it's like to have the ALLOut solution assisting me and being effective in my audit processes. In every step of the way our focus is always around... Does this make sense? Is this going to add value?

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