Kelly McCrory, Senior Business Systems Analyst

October 10, 2022

Senior Business Systems Analyst, Kelly McCrory from Recology tells us about his experience working with ALLOut Security for JD Edwards...

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly McCrory, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Recology

Hello! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

Kelly McCrory: Hi I'm kelly McCrory. I work for Recology as a Senior Business Systems Analyst and I worked here a little over two years. And in that time we've been here we've used all out for Segregation of Duties work. And it's been a huge improvement from what I understand was extremely manual tedious process from before. One of the nice things it does that facilitates this is you can combine various functions and programs that you have to manage individually into roles and then use those to report on and by managing the roles it makes the whole process much simpler.

Since working with ALLOut Security, what challenges have you been able to overcome?

Kelly McCrory: As someone working on the Finance side of the fence, ALLOut allows us gives us better tools to manage the SoDs SoDs SoDs largely through the use of roles so that we don't, we can manage instead of managing function by function dozens and dozens of screens and functions and whatnot. You can combine them into roles and then use those to much more easily address the SoD address the SoD Issues!

What's your favourite thing about ALLOut?

Kelly McCrory: One of the best aspects of ALLOut is just the ability to use roles as a way to manage functions and address SoD issues by making adjustments so that you can more finely tune what those functions are and who has them and that you can really delineate things much more easily by using the roles.

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