John Verweij, Financial Application Manager

October 10, 2022

Financial Application Manager John Verweij from City of Haarlem tells us about his experience working with ALLOut Security for JD Edwards

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Verweij, Financial Application Manager, City of Haarlem

Hello! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

John Verweij: Hello! I'm John Verweij working as Financial Applications Manager for the City of Haarlem, capital of the province of North Holland, the Netherlands. I've been working with JD Edwards as of 2008, starting at AB... the Energy and Waste Company of the city of Amsterdam. Here, I first started to work with ALLOut! Since I joined the city of Haarlem in 2020, I started to work with ALLOut again.

Since working with ALLOut Security, what challenges have you been able to overcome?

John Verweij: During the implementation of the joint agreement between the multiple cities of Haarlem and so forth, we had to quickly reassemble and re-enter our processes. With ALLOut, we were able to quickly adjust and re-enter our task views, security and roles! Since then, the day to day management has been simplified, which is easy and clear to manage! This is great! Adds value for us for ALLOut in Haarlem.

What's your favourite thing about ALLOut?

John Verweij: For us at Haarlem, the most easy thing for ALLOut is the easiness and the clearness we have on maintaining our basic roles and combining them to the common role... super roles, and merging them, um, and basically making, easy security and replacing them.

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