Candace Slawson, IT Security Administrator

October 10, 2022

IT Security Admin, Candace Slawson from Recology tells us about her experience working with ALLOut Security for JD Edwards...

Video Transcript

Speaker: Candace Slawson, IT Security Administrator, Recology

Hello! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

Candace Slawson: Hi I'm Candice Lawson with Recology and as one of the IT Security administrators.

Since working with ALLOut Security, what challenges have you been able to overcome?

Candace Slawson: ALLOut Security helped resolve a couple of our challenges. And just to name a couple, ALLOut Security created role based management versus individual user based, which is extremely complex. And then second, there's an ALLOut tool called Fix Merge, which helped resolve any role conflicts, and this management tool allowed for better reporting.

What's your favourite thing about ALLOut?

Candace Slawson: Some of the results that I received with ALLOut Security is it's a standardized enterprise roles, including JDE user menus, which are efficiently and accurately managed. This allowed myself as part of the security team to focus on higher priority work. The effort moved down from hours of configuration per employee to five minutes, with more accurate results and once roles were defined, managing of Segregation of Duties was simple and easy to implement.

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