Alison Wagonfeld (VP Marketing, Google Cloud) for Women's History Month -

March 31, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Alison Wagonfeld, VP Marketing, Google Cloud

Alison Wagonfeld: As we wrap up Women's History Month, I want to take a moment to thank our customers, partners and fellow Googlers for sharing their insights and advice. And want to share three of my colleagues' guidance that really stood out to me. First, I love how Enshalla Anderson talked about daring more and dreaming bigger. That is certainly a motto that we should live by and that it's great for women to embrace, because only then can we really do so much more in the world. Second, I love that my colleague Izabelle Macedo talked about having the courage to speak up. Sometimes as women, we may hold back or may not want to be the louder voice in the room. But it's with that courage that we can truly make a difference. And finally, Cynthia Hester talked about reaching back and pulling people forward. Pulling women forward so that we can all grow and mentor and advise and guide. And I have so appreciated all of the women that have pulled me forward over the years. And I know that I and my colleagues and all of us at Google and women everywhere, have a great opportunity and responsibility to do that for women. So thank you very much for celebrating this month with us and so excited about all of the opportunities for women everywhere.

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