Ron Huie for ERM Nation Testimonial Video

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ron Huie, ERM, UKG

Could you describe a time Align helped you better serve a UKG customer?

Ron Huie: So how has Align helped me with some of my customers? Oh there's so many different times. It's it's hard to sit down and come up with just a couple. But two do specifically come to mind. One of them was a customer that has been with us over 20 years. Very important customer of mine, one that really had developed a lot of trust with and just a great customer. So I needed some help though because they really wanted to go with our UTA product. They had an in house product that was beginning to break down and they wanted to go with our UTA product. The problem was that we were not going to be able to meet the timeframe that they needed to get it implemented in. We were not able going to are not going to be able to meet their price. And also we were not in a position where I felt like we could do a good job if we tried to do it even close to their time frame. So I called my buddies at Align and they were more than happy to get on the phone with me and the customer and talk through what their needs were, what their time frame was pricing all that kind of thing. And long story short, we were able to not only come up with the pricing that they needed. but also agreed to the time frame that they needed which was very aggressive and also have confidence that that the job would be well done for them. because this was a bank and the compliance part of it and all those pieces had to fall into place and so Align did a wonderful job, got it in under budget, under timeframe and quality across the board. No issues. That was amazing. So this was example number one example number two was a customer of mine who is a government contractor. They had gone live with us and implemented UTA But when they went live they started having all these horrible issues with UTA And it was just a disaster. I had to be on a phone call every morning at six a.m. With the CEO And the CIO And the CHRO to talk about how we want to fix these issues, work through the problems we did that for about a week and a half. I said I have got to find some some way to get this resolved. So again I call my friends at Align and talk to Maher and he said what what do I need to do to help you on And I said well if I could have my wish it would be that you could have boots on the ground and be there tomorrow and work with them as long as they need you to work with them. Not thinking that he would actually do that. But guess what he did. He got on a plane, he got to the customer site, he was there the next morning, he sat down and he was with them for a week and it was able to work through the majority of their problems, get them stabilized, get them to a much better place and it was just amazing. So again saved my life, turn my customer around there one of my happiest customers now, so it was great stuff.

What is the best thing about Align?

Ron Huie: So what is the best thing about Align? There's so many many things that I love about Align. I would say that it's the people they're they're all awesome to work with. I've never had a bad experience with anyone. They are all very uh interested in helping you be successful with your customer. They understand that as an ERM that we're trying to build relationships and long term relationships. They're trying to do the same for their business. So I think that you know just working with the people, the people there great to work with their serious but they're also fun and I love working with them. I mean there's been many times that we get on the phone we're going through and even working on some problems or challenges that by the time I get off the phone or on the phone I'm just cracking up laughing and having just a great time. So they know how to make things serious but fun at the same time. And I think their culture is very similar to ours here at UKG And I really appreciate that in a partner and I just appreciate them. So they're a lot of fun to work with. but they also take their work very seriously

Why do you recommend Align to other ERMs?

Ron Huie: So why would I recommend Align to my fellow ERMs? As ERMs It's our job to uh develop trust um and confidence and become the trusted advisor to our our customers. We also build long term relationships with our customers and it's very important for us to have these long term relationships and to do that you have got to earn their respect and they have got to trust you and they've got to feel good about if you make a recommendation that it's gonna going to be a good one. That's one that they can count on is their business depends on it. So when I look at my um experience with Align it's just been fantastic. As I've said in a couple of previous pieces to this testimonial. they're always there when you need them I can always get people They always give you their cell numbers, you can text them, you can get them any time you need them. but at the end of the day they just do a fantastic job for our customers. and I thought it would be good if if I just shared one of the the words from one of my customers, This is a quote from an email they sent me about Align. "We could not be more pleased with the work in partnership with you and your team in Vegas, you told me we would make it happen and you're a man of your word", this is talking about Maher, "I believe Anna calculated it was three months and 18 days from the first conversations that we had with you to actual go live. That's absolutely amazing. I was not actively involved in working meetings. But when I was I on a call, I was very impressed with the knowledge and the professionalism of your team. We were asking for an incredible amount of work in the short window of time. you were working in and you made it happen and you made it happen" well, so I think that says it all. So to answer the question, there it is and I would recommend Align to any of my ERM colleagues.

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