Michael Lederman for ERM Nation Testimonial Video

March 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Lederman, ERM, UKG

Could you describe a time Align helped you better serve a UKG customer?

Michael Lederman: These guys are such great partners. I actually have two examples of how Align has helped us better position internally with our clients. You think about the retention and our ability to add additional product to. Two quick examples Air Methods um this is when I first started working with the Align team actually told them I'm like I need you to fly from Canada to Colorado sit down with the client and listen and they stayed originally for one day they stayed for three days and listened and they returned and they introduced a statement of work and for the next seven years we had an amazing partner, an amazing um partnership between UKG And Align um and they actually helped Air Methods um go live with Dimensions. They were Air Methods is actually one of the very first clients but many other additional initiatives that Align helped um from on the Pro side uta side all stop shop trusted partner um to the business. Um second example is with Alsco very similar case where Align actually built out a comparison between what is how is UTA working in their environment and what would the lift be for Dimensions. Again the this client also trusted the line um deeply and with that too very very healthy clients um that are in great standing and it's not just those two there are many others um I would say probably 80% of my book has Align HCM embedded in it

What is the best thing about Align?

Michael Lederman: The best thing about Align HCM is their culture and these are just fun people. They are. Their knowledge is very deep, but their ability to connect with friends to connect with clients is just unreal. I've never seen another partner. Um that has that ability, that connection and true people skills should also know they're certified Great Place to Work. Um And there's a reason for that. So yeah, that's the best thing about Align. It's it's their people and their their skill set.

Why do you recommend Align to other ERMs?

Michael Lederman: I recommend Align to my ERM peers if you think about the five pillars around value optimization and advocacy and strategic planning and leadership connections and executive partnerships and that's all that, that's just their DNA You don't find that in a lot of partners, but this firm really really leans into that. I don't even think they're aware of our of our five pillars, but I think about five pillars every one of those pillars. This is a partner that leans into all of that and it's just a um they just do it so well.

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