Introducing the New Alianza UC App

October 31, 2023

Our upcoming release will transform the way your business customers connect and collaborate. These new features are exclusive to Business Cloud Communications, so start upgrading users today.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacy Fabian

What’s Coming This Fall?

Here at Alianza, we understand that staying competitive in today's fast paced corporate world means having access to consistent streamlined communication solutions. And that is why we've completely redesigned and rebuilt our unified communications app with a heightened focus on simplicity, collaboration, and mobile access. This next-gen Alianza UC app offers a better user experience across voice, video, messaging, meetings, and more. Here's a breakdown of what's new and how it can benefit you and your end-users.

What's New?

With the brand new user friendly interface, the Alianza UC app makes navigating simple and intuitive. Users gain features like cross device call history syncing, in app visual voicemail, light mode, dark mode, enhanced noise suppression, video background blur, and so much more. Additionally, our industry leading video conferencing capabilities are built with Amazon Chime, and that enables premium bandwidth scaling for an overall smooth experience. New and enhanced collaboration features also make working together easier than ever. Users can share their screens across mobile and desktop devices and can even ideate in real time. With whiteboard sessions, meetings attendees can mark up presentations, drag and drop images, and even download the notes after the meeting ends.

How the UC App Benefits You & Your End Users

Like all of our products. The new Alianza UC app is go-to-market ready under the Cymbus brand or it can be customized to your company's name and visual identity. But best of all, it's included for all users with the Business Cloud Communications, Advanced and Professional plans.

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