Raelle Bell - I'm Going! Are You?

January 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Raelle Bell, Director of Marketing, American Lighting Association

Raelle Bell: Hi I'm Rachel Bell Director of Marketing for the American Lighting Association.

What is special about the conference this year?

Raelle Bell: To me ALA Conference is always special, but I think we're set up this year for a particularly special event for a couple of reasons. We were away for a couple of years and then last year we got to come back together in Austin for our first in-person event since 2019, and I think the taste of that really got people excited for ALA Conference again and if you weren't able to be there, I hope that seeing some of the recap videos and the photos of everyone and hearing about people's experiences has encouraged you to come check it out if you haven't.

How has the conference helped you build relationships with people in the industry?

Raelle Bell: I know for me personally, I have made lifelong friends at the conference that I can rely on both personally and professionally. And that's what's so amazing about conference. It puts you in a setting where everyone there is focused on connecting, bettering themselves as an individual and as a business and you're going to meet other people with the same drive and passion for their companies and what they do in the lighting industry.

Tell us a story from a previous conference.

Raelle Bell: It's kind of a silly memory, but it was the end of our closing dinner and our conference organizer Beth had hired a DJ. And not only was he the most incredible DJ that I have ever experienced, he really got every single person there up and dancing, but just getting to see all of these people who maybe I had thought of in more of a serious light or didn't know that they had that side to them, get up out on the dance floor and start twisting in light bulbs while they were dancing is one of my favorite memories and I actually have videos of it on my phone still that I go back to and look at. So - only at ALA conference.

Lake Tahoe

September 10 - 12

Raelle Bell: I'm going. Are you?

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