Leslie Killingsworth on ALA Conference

July 18, 2023

Hear from Leslie Killingsworth of Progressive Lighting, Lee Lighting, and Savoy House on why ALA Conference is so important to her business.

Video Transcript

Leslie Killingsworth, CLC: I've been really fortunate to have a company that believes in supporting the American Lighting Association and encouraging employees to go to conference

Leslie Killingsworth, CLC: ALA works very hard to present a unique program where there's fun but there's education and we're really learning a lot about technology, what's coming uh the financial state of the world and how that's going to impact our business. There's so much nervousness right now about softening in the economy and the way of inflation has hit us. I am sure when I go to Lake Tahoe in September that I'm going to learn how to understand this and that's actually something at last conference. That was a great takeaway for me. They talked a lot about um builders switching to build to rent versus just build to own. And that really was something I took from conference and went back to Atlanta and thought about this means people want to invest in more durable products because renters are harder on things. And it was something that wasn't even on my radar in terms of how I was thinking about the types of lights we wanted to develop or encourage people to buy. If they're going into these types of properties, they need to be a little bit different. And it was a specific seminar at the last conference that really put this on my radar.

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