What should you be asking yourself?

July 24, 2023

Jeremy Bess explains what you'll learn from his 2023 ALA Conference keynote presentation.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeremy Bess, ITR Economics

Jeremy Bess: In a lot of my presentations, I tend to ask the audience to think about a question and usually the question should be why, why are we talking about this? Why is this important in our case as we enter a new Year? Another important question is where, where are we going? Where are we going as an industry? My goal in my presentation is to give you enough evidence to feel comfortable in what's going to be happening in 2024 in 2025 looking at leading indicators to give us a glimpse into the future, looking at our forecasts to give us insights into the future. So that when you're planning for 2024 2025 you feel comfortable in knowing where we're going.

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