Eric Jacobson - I'm going! Are you?

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Eric Jacobson, President & CEO, American Lighting Association

Eric Jacobson: Hello ALA! I'm Eric Jacobson with the American Lighting Association

What is special about the conference this year?

Eric Jacobson: What a great setting! Can you imagine being in the mountains of Lake Tahoe and with your peers and have the perfect setting to relax, recharge your batteries and, better yet, learn how to grow your business.

How has the conference helped you reset?

Eric Jacobson: Get away from your office and your showroom or your factory or your rep territory and meet with your peers, learn what they're doing to grow their business, listen to incredible speakers and, on top of it, be in Lake Tahoe this year.

Tell us a story from a previous conference.

Eric Jacobson: One of my most favorite memories is watching John McKiernan of Lutron give his acceptance speech into the ALA Lighting Hall of Fame. It was a very difficult time. John was near the end of his life and he gave one of the most inspirational speeches that you could ever imagine and I know that helped me through the rest of my career at ALA and my networking abilities with other members of ALA. It's such a fond memory of mine.

Lake Tahoe

September 10 – 12, 2023

Eric Jacobson: I'm going to the ALA Conference in Lake Tahoe. Are you?

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