Parmender Dhankhar for AKAN INSURANCE Video Testimonials

April 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Parmender Dhankhar

How long yo have been insured through Parmender Dhankhar & what has been your experience so far

Parmender Dhankhar: I've been insured through department office since the last seven years.

Tell us about your recent interaction with us in regards to approachable, helpful and knowledgable staff

Parmender Dhankhar: Uh my experience has always been very good with the office. They're always easy to approach. The team is friendly. Uh their advisers, they know what they're doing. And it has been a very, very pleasant experience.

How was your experience in your recent claim

Parmender Dhankhar: I was in an accident a few weeks back and in which uh what happened was uh due to an error from uh the reporting side and the other party changing the statement, I was put at 50% at fault. But then I told, and I came to his office and he helped me draw the sketch of the incident and he, he was able to look that the police had not marked the point of impact correctly. And he advised me to go back to the police and get this change. And after that, we approach our insurance company and sent them, uh per sent him a detailed report with the s cash and the updated police report. And uh I was, uh after that, my uh claim was, uh I was held not at fault at all. Not only my deductibles were waived and they were refunded back to me uh in less than a week's time, but also it helped me maintain my insurance record.

Would you recommend Parmender Dhankhar to your Family and friends

Parmender Dhankhar: Uh it has always been a pleasant experience working with. And if I compare with other brokers, I find him very knowledgeable, approachable and he does the job. Uh uh, and I'll, I'll recommend him to, uh, all my family and friends.

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