Oktay Arslan [Computer Vision Summit San Jose]

March 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oktay Arslan, AI/Robotics Research Engineer, Airbus

Oktay Arslan: Hello, I'm Dr Oktay Arslan I'm an AI robotics research engineer. Throughout my career, I've been developing software and algorithms for autonomous vehicles such as helicopters, Mars rovers and self driving electric cars. I made a decision to embark on a new adventure developing computer vision based technologies for Airbus commercial planes.

Please explain a little about the aims of your current organisation.

Oktay Arslan: Located in Silicon Valley, an epicenter of tech talent and investment, Acubed Airbus Innovation Center is a fast paced machine that develops and delivers technological breakthroughs at the intersection of hardware and software. As an AI robotics research engineers, I'm quite interested in working challenging problems that have never been solved before. To this end, I support various autonomy tasks, such as sensor fusion, ML deployment, vehicle simulation and auto generation.

What will be the focus of your session at Computer Vision Summit San Jose?

Oktay Arslan: My presentation will focus on how Acubed uses simulation technologies to create ML based autonomous systems for passenger aircrafts. As you're all aware, perception systems produce state of the art results nowadays and a vast amount of data is required to train these ML models. To this end, we use simulation technologies to create synthetic data in order to enrich our data set.

What will the audience take home from your session in San Jose, and what will they be able to action?

Oktay Arslan: Attendees at Computer Vision Summit will learn how Airbus, a global leader in aircraft manufacturing, is making air travel safer and more efficient. Leveraging the power of AI through computer vision, Airbus is developing smarter automation and autonomy technologies for the future of flight.

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