Louis Agent for Agent Talent Candidate

March 08, 2023

New agent candidate, health and life insurance sales, career path

Video Transcript

Speaker: Louis Agent

What is your experience in the health and life insurance industry? If new, why are interested in an insurance career?

Louis Agent: Hi, I have no experience with health and life insurance, but I am interested because I have some friends that are very successful in the space. They have a great career, live very happy lives and they seem to make a lot of money. So I'm interested in learning about the industry and how to provide health and life products to clients.

What experience do you have in sales? If none, why are you interested in selling insurance?

Louis Agent: I do have some sales experience mainly inside sales as well as some outside selling software and data products to the to the market been very successful with that. However, health life insurance insurance in general is a different world and um it seems that there's many clients to serve uh many opportunities in this world.

What do you envision when working with a top agency? What is ideal for you as an agent and how that agency will support your success?

Louis Agent: An ideal career path for me as an health and life insurance agent would be one where I can grow, build my book and earning commissions from that book on a residual basis and earn a good living as well as being able to potentially open my own agency. At some point, hiring my own agents, teaching them what I've learned and, and establishing a business around that were again, I have my own agency and are able to provide them the resources and tools they need to be successful. Um Just as I have been in the insurance industry itself.

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