Scott Holmen for Agency73 Video Testimonials

October 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scott Holmen

What was your favorite moment?

Scott Holmen: My favorite moment at Dream Force was the night of the Red Hot chili Peppers concert, Not because of the concert, we actually got together, Jocelyn Emily Dominic and I as well as eric Adams, one of our clients and hung out on top of this hotel for happy hour and just had a good time, good food. I filled my pockets with tortilla chips at the end, which Jocelyn gave me plenty of it about that. Everything was super special. We're kind of recapping the week, having a good time. Everyone was tired but super stoked about what had transpired throughout the week. That was by far my favorite moment of the week.

What was the biggest surprise? Something unexpected?

Scott Holmen: how well known we are across other partners and Salesforce employees. Um, we have a reputation which I knew for doing great work and being nice people. I have no idea how far that had spread. I had a lot of other partners pulled me aside and asked how it is that we do what we do, which was validating and flattering and I wish you guys could hear that first hand. Um, and some of these companies were very large companies and they had heard about us, um, meaning you guys a S. R. V. P. S, A VPs partner, sales people were very much a known entity and with a great reputation, I knew this, I had no idea how many people and how far spread a reputation is. Um, it was a very pleasant surprise to put it lightly. It's really cool.

What is a nugget of wisdom from sessions or any quotes that resonated with you?

Scott Holmen: a couple of nuggets of wisdom as always they're very short and easy to remember, which helps me a lot. Our friend Chip Driggs, who works for sales force and partner sales and as a good friend of Jocelyn's, he refers to, we talked about a CV when we're talking about how do you get to fall in love with you? And it's like accelerate their path to help them grow the licenses that they're selling and Chip refers to that and help him retire quota, which is quick and easy and accurate way to describe what we're trying to do there. So I'll be using that more of my conversation, the other one and a VP out of the East coast. We're in a roundtable session and he said you should be going into meetings with goals, not an agenda, which I think we do pretty well internally, but it's a good way to think about how to get to the ideal outcome of any conversation is rather than predefined an agenda, it's better to think about goals and let the conversation kind of get to those goals and don't let the agenda that you would set potentially get in the way of achieving those goals for any conversation

What is one thing you learned about Salesforce culture?

Scott Holmen: one thing I learned about salesforce culture, it's not so much a cultural thing, it's just I'm so impressed at how they institutionalized their culture across a team of 90,000 people. I admire how at Dream Force A lot of the sessions are focused on the values that Salesforce holds dear. There's a lot of environmental, a lot of environmental focused sessions, um, social justice, equality, that kind of thing. And I love that They're walking the walk and I aspire to do that with agency 73 as we grow. I have a lot to learn about how to do that, but I don't doubt that our friends at sale sports will help us get there as a company kind of mimic the way they institutionalize their culture and their value. It's very impressive.

What are some takeaways for our business/how we can do things differently? (This will not be shared publicly.)

Scott Holmen: toys for our business. A lot of it again, was validation of what we know. Um, I'm learning that salesforce 80s are so focused on selling licenses that a lot of them I don't know and some don't even care about the partner side of things, meaning if we go in and we talk about helping them retire quota, if we leave with value, meaning find the person that salesforce to work with and immediately start giving them accelerators enablement sessions, help help them do their job better, repeatable success stories. That's our path to moving even faster in our growth. Not that we're not doing that, but I think you will see us creating even more content. The goal of that content has become to continue to become known as a partner who thinks of bringing value first instead of coming to the table and asking for deal flow and it's fun to help ease, do better at their job. So that's one thing you might see us doing more of a better job of and we're already working on it is creating that content, creating those sessions, getting people together and becoming a trusted advisor who brings value to the table. And then I believe that that will be reciprocated with deal flow

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