Helping ACG position for their sale to MARCO

May 12, 2023

Mimi from ACG talks about her experience with Craig as her agency coach, as he helped her navigate the sale to MARCO.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mimi , CEO, ACG-MARCO

Can you describe your experience working with Craig as a coach?

Mimi : Working with Craig was absolutely wonderful. He is caring, he's knowledgeable. Um And he's invested in the process. So when I was thinking about changing, you know, the setup of my agency um attracting investors, potentially looking at an acquisition, uh Craig was there and I was so lucky to have found him at the time because as a small agency owner, um you don't know what you don't know. I really believe that um the quality of the answers you get depends on the quality of the questions that you ask. Um And Craig was really there to ask the right questions to push me to challenge me. Uh Sometimes not to agree with me, but for good cause. Um and it was absolutely wonderful working with him.

How has Craig's coaching changed your business?

Mimi : What I loved about working with Craig in terms of how he changed my business is that he's knowledgeable but not from reading tons of books, et cetera, although I'm sure he does. Um but from having walked the journey of an agency owner, having built an agency nurtured it, um you know, from beginning until he sold it. So he knows what it takes and he knows, um you know, the things that an agency owner needs to consider in order to build a successful business. Now, I'm also aware that all of us have specific strengths. My strength is strategy thinking, big picture. I'm very creative, but there are some things that I could be better at such as operations, finance talent, um etcetera. So those are things that he was really able to shine the light on in terms of where our weaknesses were, where we could do better and how we could really improve the business, especially from an operational perspective to be able to take it to its next level and to make it attractive for investors. So, uh my business has completely changed since I um I worked with Craig in that we've got systems. Now, we've got processes, we've got policies, we understand how to manage talent, retain talent, attract talent. Um, in addition to all the things that we do well on a day to day basis.

Why should other agency owners sign up to work with Craig?

Mimi : If you're looking for somebody who understands the struggle, who understands the pitfalls, the challenges, but also the good times and the triumphs that it takes um to build a successful agency, then Craig is the person for you to be working with because he will ask the right questions, he will challenge you, he will push you, but he will also support you, encourage you um hold your hand um and be available, um you know, to be able to really give you a sense of direction and guidance so highly recommended. Um And I wish you well for your journey.

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