Agency to Exit Testimonial Videos

May 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dylan Kohlstadt

Can you describe your experience of the Agency To Exit program?

I can't recommend agency to exit enough. It literally changed our business. We went from not really having a handle, a handle on some of the key metrics in our business to building so many dashboards, um ways of tracking our staff, understanding the um amount of work each staff member was doing and which clients were profitable as well as just starting to understand how to structure the business layer it and um and start to remove myself from the business and my business partner from the business so that we can start to build something that is truly um sellable and also to give ourselves back the gift of time. So I literally, it is an, an a life changing experience. I am so grateful to Craig for sharing his knowledge for building this program because it's really helped to transform my business. And, you know, we've been going for 11 years, 12 years now and um it was the timing was absolutely perfect. Um He, he empowered us with all the knowledge that we needed, uh you know, from the minutia to the high level stuff. Um you know, extremely practical tons and tons of templates and so much idea sharing that happened in the sessions between the other business owners that I can, I cannot recommend it enough to any agency who is struggling with, um you know, scalability, um how to create a business that you can sell or is completely overwhelmed because you have absolutely no time because you're busy doing everything yourself and you don't trust anyone to do anything, uh how to build a business that you can actually step away from, that runs without you. And that potentially wonder you can sell if you want to so seriously, do yourself a favor and book the course you will not regret it.

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