Sharanya Maran | Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry

August 30, 2023

Sharanya Maran, AestheticsED student studying Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sharanya Maran, Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry

Why did you choose AestheticsED over other training providers?

Sharanya Maran: Hi there my name is Sharanya and I am currently undertaking the Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry with AestheticsED. So, my makeup journey dates back to two years ago when I wasn't too sure where I wanted to go to with my life. I knew that I was very passionate about makeup whilst also wanting to go to uni and getting a degree. That's when I was kind of scavenging through all these different websites to find the perfect course for me. And that's when I ran into AestheticsED where I found that it was 100% online and self-paced. So, I am now two years out of high school and I'm currently a uni student and running my own business whilst also doing this makeup course. I highly suggest, if you are considering a course in makeup artistry to consider this as it has been very flexible with my schedule and I cannot recommend it more.

How would you describe the course content?

Sharanya Maran: So the delivery of the content is structured into modules. These modules include easy to read information in addition to images that correspond to the information. Following this, we have instructional videos with the application of various makeup techniques, and that gives us a good insight as students as to how we are meant to use the information delivered before in a practical setting as a makeup artist.

How would you describe the support you received while studying?

Sharanya Maran: So, as mentioned earlier, this is a self-paced and fully online course which could make some people a little apprehensive as to whether they would receive sufficient support. However, I could confidently say, from the very beginning when I enrolled in the course to where I currently am undertaking all the assignments, I have been very, very well supported by a lot of the staff in answering my questions, queries and concerns.

What is your favourite thing about studying online with AestheticsED?

Sharanya Maran: To talk about just one favourite aspect in this makeup course and doing it online will be very difficult, so I'm going to talk about two things. When I first enrolled in this course, I got a huge supplied kit with a comprehensive list of products that you would find in settings such as TV, screen, cinema, which I thought was pretty cool in learning about their different formulations that you can't otherwise find at your local Mecca, Maxima or Sephora. In addition to this, I'm someone who really enjoys to travel, So I'm able to do this course remotely and also gain support from the AestheticsED staff wherever I am, and I find that to be so great.

Would you recommend AestheticsED to others wanting to learn beauty online?

Sharanya Maran: I highly recommend this makeup course to anyone considering an avenue in makeup and wants an extra edge compared to other makeup artists in the community. As we know, makeup artistry is in very high demand. However, it can be quite saturated in today's context. By doing this course, it gives us valuable insight from industry specialists, and it allows us to use and develop our own style in makeup and bring that into the community.

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