Rylee Stuart | Certificate in Lash Mastery

September 28, 2023

Rylee Stuart, AestheticsED student studying Certificate in Lash Mastery.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rylee Stuart, Certificate in Lash Mastery

why did you choose aestheticsed over other training providers?

Rylee Stuart: Hey, it's Rylee from Lash Nation. I'm here to give a review on my experience from AestheticsED. I just wanted to say I would not be here where I am right now wthout them. I think that they are a beautiful company to learn lash extensions, anything you want. I'm so grateful for them.

How would you describe the course content?

Rylee Stuart: So I struggle with ADHD, and I have a very hard time focusing on stuff. But AestheticsED has this course and lots of videos where they show me and actually demonstrate to me and I really think it gives a clear understanding of how to place lashes, how to do the lashes, how to dip the lashes, all of that stuff. And I'm really grateful that they were very patient with me as well.

How would you describe the support you received while studying?

Rylee Stuart: I am so grateful for their AestheticsED because the help that they gave me was all the time 24/7. It was just as quick as an email or a call, and they would get me connected straight away. As I said, I struggle with a ADHD so I'm more of a talking person rather than a reading person. But them having that extra support really helped.

What is your favourite thing about studying online with AestheticsED?

Rylee Stuart: I definitely would have to say my favourite thing is that I could do it in a pace, so I was still in school at the time, but that allowed me to be able to learn lashes without forcing everything at once.

Would you recommend AestheticsED to others wanting to learn beauty online?

Rylee Stuart: I definitely would recommend AestheticsED to everyone. They are such a welcoming place. They don't judge when you make a mistake, they help you. But in all, I reckon it's a great company.

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