Monique Spina | Certificate in Lash Mastery

August 28, 2023

Monique Spina, AestheticsED student studying Certificate in Lash Mastery.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Monique spina , Certificate in Lash Mastery

Why did you choose AestheticsED over other training providers?

Monique spina : Hi, my name is Monique, I'm 26 years old and from the Gold Coast. Um, the reason I chose AestheticsED over other providers was because their outline of training was a lot more in depth than most were, um, offering. Um, I found, like, a lot of the online courses were really short courses, and I just feel like when you're working with the eyes and the anatomy of the eye, like you really need to be trained properly. Um, so, like throughout my training so far with AestheticsED, um, the training's been really in depth, and it's it's something that, like I, I don't feel like can't be taught over such a short amount of time. It definitely needs, you know, the proper amount of time and training. Um, so, yeah AestheticsED have definitely given me opportunity to learn so much more and feel a lot more confident. Um, it's quite scary when you're training online only because you don't really know if you're doing things correctly, and that's quite like, you know, scary. And and it can make you doubt yourself a little bit. Um, so yeah, I think having the support from AestheticsED as well has been really, really helpful and also being able to go back on onto the notes like it's one of those courses where you have lifetime access. Um, so you can always see how you're tracking, and you can always go back if you're questioning something or if you're unsure or if you forget, um, like if you take a break and you might forget I need, like a refresher. Um, it's so so handy. And I find the indepth-ness of the course and how much they outline really leaves no room for, like, error and no room for, you know, feeling, um, like, not confident. Um, so yeah, it's been really good and that's why I chose AestheticsED over any other providers.

How would you describe the course content?

Monique spina : So the content provided in the course is really in-depth. Um, it doesn't leave much room for questioning or being uncertain on anything. Um, it pretty much touches base on absolutely everything that you need to know, um, from eye shapes and, you know, the anatomy of the eye. Um, different techniques different um, lash lengths and lash styles and lash curls. Absolutely everything that you need to know it covers and it's so in depth, which is amazing. And it it makes you feel a lot more confident. Um, and the videos, the videos are are really well done, like they show exactly how you need to do it. Um, so when you come around to doing, like, mannequin head, um, I didn't find that I struggled because I had the videos to go off, which was great, like it would, it just made it so much more easier. And, you know, if I needed to pause the video and, like, do a step myself, I could do that, which was good.

How would you describe the support you received while studying?

Monique spina : The support that I have received so far has been amazing. Um, they check up in on you, they give you calls. I've even had them tell me, like, you know, because I'm on the Gold Coast. Like, if I ever need help, I can just come to their their office, which is on the coast near Surfers, which is really, really handy. Um, they're constantly checking in and, you know, with your assessments, they do give you really positive feedback and negative feedback if needed. Um, they have really good constructive criticism, and they don't make you feel like you're a failure. They're happy to help you any step of the way. Happy to answer any questions, um, they've been really, really supportive throughout the whole process and understanding as well, like I'm currently pregnant, so for me, it's been a little bit harder and taking me a little bit longer because, like, limited time and energy, and they've been so patient and understanding and supportive throughout the whole journey, And they've always offered, you know, anything that I need. They're happy to be there for me and and call them if I need, which has been great. So I do think they're one of the most supportive that I've ever actually had and I've done quite a few courses. Um, and yeah, their their support is amazing. It's like around the clock.

What is your favourite thing about studying online with AestheticsED?

Monique spina : So my favourite thing so far with studying has definitely been the practical side of it, actually getting to do the work and the lashing. Um, I found the mannequin quite easy for me. Um, I know a lot of people find them quite difficult, but I found them really easy if I did the steps that the video showed. Um, yes, if you if you watch the steps and you sort of pause it, do that step and then like, go onto the next, it was really, really helpful and I found I had no issues with it. Um, it was really, really smooth for me. Um, going on to real live models was a little bit more challenging. Um, obviously, you get different lash lengths, different lash health as well. Like, you get some people that come in with, you know, really rough lashes. They may not have taken care of them in, you know, the past. So that was definitely a little bit more challenging, but still really, really fun and yeah, a really great learning opportunity as well.

Would you recommend AestheticsED to others wanting to learn beauty online?

Monique spina : I would definitely recommend AestheticsED, um, for anyone that's wanting to study, um, for beauty. I've already recommended them actually, quite a few times to friends that have asked me who I did mine through. Um, I just think they offer a lot more than the two day courses and a lot more support as well along the way. And they constantly check in on you constantly support you. They offer just a little bit more, um, in-depth theory to the side of it as well, as opposed to just practical. Um, so yeah I definitely would recommend them to anyone wanting to study in the beauty industry. Um, I think they're, yeah they're amazing and they've got such a high portfolio that that you can create with them, which is yeah, something that's really, really important. Like creating a business and becoming your own you know, owner of your own company. So yeah, I definitely would recommend.

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