Felicity Meehan | Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry

August 27, 2023

Felicity Meehan, AestheticsED student studying Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Felicity Meehan, Certificate in Advanced Makeup Artistry

why did you choose aestheticsed over other training providers?

Felicity Meehan: Hi My name is Felicity Meehan and I'm with AestheticsEd in their advanced makeup course. I chose aestheticsED for my makeup course because they had a very affordable payment plan for me. And they allow you to study in your own time, which is amazing for me as someone who has left school and is working full time. And I have the opportunity to study what I love while also making a living, which is really important to me.

How would you describe the course content?

Felicity Meehan: The educational videos that AestheticsED provide in their modules are absolutely fantastic. In the makeup course what I am doing it is absolutely incredible. They show you firsthand makeup application by professionals who are already in the field and who have been in the field for years. They show you proper techniques, they show you proper application, and they show you with professional products that AestheticsED also provides to you so that you can use it the exact same way that the professionals are showing you. I never had much to do with makeup before I started this course, just helping friends and family out when they needed it, and obviously doing my own makeup. But with AestheticsED's with AestheticsED's help I feel like I am a professional and I have almost finished my course and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The videos are always so professional, the modules are so well written and everything just feels like it was written and designed for you to succeed.

How would you describe the support you received while studying?

Felicity Meehan: I have been shown nothing but encouragement and support while studying with AestheticsED. There are people who call out and make sure that you are doing well and if you feel like you can't reach out because you're afraid, they make you feel so welcome and so validated with your fears and your worries, and they guide you through step by step when you are struggling or when you need help with something, or even when there's a mechanical issue with computers or anything like that, they can walk you through absolutely everything. The team members at AestheticsED are so amazing. Everyone that I have spoken to is so kind and it's just incredible.

What is your favourite thing about studying online with Aestheticsed?

Felicity Meehan: My favourite thing about studying online with AestheticsED is the fact that it is self-paced. They do not pressure you to go faster than you are. They don't pressure you into making quicker movements with your progression within your course. It is completely up to you when you study and for how long you study and what you do while you study. And that is so important to me as someone who has left school and is working full time. It's amazing to be able to study what I love while also continuing to make a living for myself and the people at AestheticsED are so understanding and supportive of that. They completely support you living your life while you study, and you also get access to the course even after you finish. You could be a year or two later down the track, and you might want to revisit it, and you completely still have access to your whole course. And that is so amazing. You never run out of learning and you never stop learning and you are always able to revisit things that you might have missed or looked over or need to revisit sometimes, because everyone is always learning.

Would you recommend AestheticsED to others wanting to learn beauty online?

Felicity Meehan: I would 100% without a doubt recommend AestheticsED to anyone who was wanting to study an online beauty course. AestheticsED has been nothing but wonderful and supportive of me my future and my dreams and everyone that I've spoken to who has gone through the AestheticsED programmes before has agreed. They supply you with a necessary kit for your work which has enough products inside it to last you for your major assessments and also for you to start a business and for you to continue using after your course. They also give you links and provide information to the products that you're using and where to find them. The products that you are using are also available to buy on the AestheticsED website and that is so incredible that they continue to provide you with support even after you've continued studying. So yes, I would 100% advise anyone who wanted to study an online beauty course to go through AestheticsED

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