Amelia Harding | Certificate in Lash Mastery

July 30, 2023

Amalia Harding, AestheticsED student studying Certificate in Lash Mastery.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amelia Harding, Certificate in Lash Mastery

Why did you choose AestheticsED over other training providers?

Amelia Harding: Hi, my name is Amelia Harding, and I am with AestheticsED for the Lash Course. The reason I chose AestheticsED is because they had a great payment plan for me, which was affordable weekly at $41.55 New Zealand dollar. They also added the bonus lash kit in there, as well as a discounted offer of $500 when I first signed up, um, so that really caught my attention and that's why I stay with AestheticsED.

How would you describe the course content?

Amelia Harding: So I found the educational training and course very, very useful. Um, I started AestheticsED and I had no background whatsoever in lashes. Um, I had only had my lashes done a couple of times from different technicians and I didn't realise the amount of information and the stuff that you need to know behind the scenes. Um, and AestheticsED had it all. I feel like I know everything about lashes now.

How would you describe the support you received while studying?

Amelia Harding: The support system with AestheticsED is amazing. So every time I would email my tutor, the tutor would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours if I got stuck or had any issues. Um, it was great, even down to logging in my passwords and everything it was so easy. It was a really easy system to work through.

What is your favourite thing about studying online with AestheticsED?

Amelia Harding: So I found the online course and training really great. Um, it fit in with my time. I'm a mum of a two year old and I don't have very much time at all. Um, so it was great to be able to stop and start whenever I could. Um, when I could find the time and also to know that when I logged back in, I am still at the same place as opposed to having to restart over, so that was great.

Would you recommend AestheticsED to others wanting to learn beauty online?

Amelia Harding: I would definitely recommend AestheticsED um, for anyone who is interested in doing any kind of beauty, whether it be lashes, brows or nails. Um, and if you're looking to start a small business, they have everything you need in there. They will also give you information on how to start your business, your logos, how to set up your online booking system, everything, and also right down to the correct tweezers you need to use at the time and the best glues. So it was great. I would definitely recommend AestheticsED beauty to anyone who's willing to go down that road.

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