Nikita's Testimonial

March 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nikita. I've been a client of Advanced Laser Clinic for almost a year now. I've been getting my laser treatments done here regularly. I love everything about this place. The minute I entered in all the staff are very kind, welcoming and friendly. They're always accommodating and flexible with any changes that a request. Um Most of the treatments that I've been getting in the last one you have been with Geraldine and I would definitely give five stars to her. She always welcomes me with a big smile. She's very friendly. She listens to my pain areas, my concerns and she always makes sure that I get the desired results and outcome. And I have been getting that over the last one year and my treatments have been really wonderful. So thank you so much to everyone at Advanced Laser Clinics and especially a big shout out to Geraldine for her excellent service and treatments that she has provided to me over the last one year. Thank you.

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