New Consultation

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

The importance of doing a consultation with us here at Advanced Laser Clinic is to make sure our client has a full understanding of the treatment and the process we are going to be conducting with them. Whether it's for her removal or for a skin laser treatment. And in the next four steps, I'll explain why. Step One is medical clearance. This is where we check the client's health history. This is where we go through any medications that they may be on now at present or in the past, any implants or any injectables that may cause contraindications with any of our laser treatments. Step Two, examining the area of treatment and taking photos. This is where we will analyse the client's skin, the integrity of the skin. This is where we will also work out the clients is Fitzpatrick. We will also be able to work out how many treatments the client will need for that particular area and the intervals as the treatment along. Step Three, this is where we will perform a patch test. The patch test will allow your laser clinician to work out a safe end point. This is where we will work out the best laser parameters to use for the client's skin type. We will also document this information and every time you're coming for a treatment, we will just reassess and reevaluate the procedure. Step four. Pre and post care. Pre and post care is when we will give you all the information verbally answer any of your questions. We will also give you a hard copy in an email form for you to have to be able to look back on 24 to 48 hours after your first treatment. We will also entail to give you a call to make sure your procedure was okay and everything was fine and also to answer any questions that you still may have that you didn't get to ask us. So, coming to visit us here at Advanced Laser Clinic in Sanctuary Lake Shopping Center for a consultation. Where your skin needs are our number one priority.

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