Michelle's Testimonial

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michelle. I've just finished my second treatment here at Advanced Laser Clinic of the Mela and Cosmo Peel. I'm trying to target my pigmented areas and there's been a huge reduction already, so I'm really impressed after that first treatment right now. Today it's feeling a little bit tingly, a little bit hot, but nothing too bad. I think there are a couple of little red spots as well. But I know from the last time that by the end of today that will all be gone, it won't feel bad at all in the next hour. But the redness there maybe a couple little spots left over, but by morning they're generally always gone as well. So it's been really, really good, I'm really impressed. And you definitely have to come and see the girls here at Advanced Laser Clinic.

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