Customer Testiomonial - Aditi M. - Banker

February 13, 2023

Aditi's testimonial of Advanced Laser Clinic

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Aditi. I have been coming to Advanced Laser Clinic for almost two years now. Started with facial hair removal treatment. And I was so happy with the results that I decided to try hair removal on other parts of my body as well. The results so far have been amazing. I'm really happy because earlier when I had a lot of hair growth on my face especially because of all the things I used to do to my skin to pluck the hair or treading or waxing. The skin quality became really bad and because now there's hardly any hair growth. I don't need to touch my skin anymore. And that has improved my skin quality as well compared to earlier. So that's like two in one. So I'm really happy with my decision to come here and that's why I would really recommend this to anyone especially Advanced Laser Clinic because I feel so comfortable here. The way the staff here is so helpful and kind and they really make me feel comfortable. So that's that's the reason I would recommend especially Advanced Laser Clinic. Thank you

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