Susan L., Advanced Certification on Numbing + Buffering

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan L., Neurodiversity Coach

How did this certification uplevel your coaching?

Susan L.: I can't recommend this course enough. And if I'm going to answer the question of how this certification, up-leveled my coaching, I would need to start with this one point: No matter who your clients are, All humans have a predisposition to search out threats and solve problems. And for many of us, myself included, our brains have developed to see emotions as both of those things: a threat and a problem. And then to develop buffering and numbing actions as a way to solve those problems or meet that threat. Ameliorate the threat. What I learned from Rachel in this certification is what if the emotion is neither a threat or a problem? What if instead the threat or the problem is actually the story that my brain has made up about those uncomfortable emotions? In this training, you will learn how to help your clients uncover these, what I call, defensive stories about their emotions and in doing so really help them demystify their buffering and numbing activities. But even more importantly than that, I think Rachel does an amazing job of helping you, as a coach, learn how to help your clients develop trust within themselves to be able to handle any possible problem or any a threat that the brain might identify. And to me when you can help a client create a little bit of space for the possibility of trusting themselves to handle that situation, then it removes the power from the story itself. And ultimately, I suppose that helping our clients learn to trust themselves, in whatever circumstances might be, the greatest gift we could possibly give them. I cannot recommend the certification enough.

How did this certification change how you show up in your business?

Susan L.: Going through this process of certification had an enormous impact on my ability to remain present. And by that, I mean, I learned how important it is to keep aware of the connection between your brain and your body and how those two need to work together to create your experience. In doing that, I recognized how much more energy I can create for myself if I'm not spending so much time worrying about things from yesterday or worrying about things for tomorrow. That just being present being in my body, how much energy that does give me for my day, for my business, for my clients. The training also gave me some wonderful strategies and ideas about helping clients come to their own felt sense of presence between their brain and their body. To me, it has given given me a new avenue in my business, a place to take my clients that I didn't think was possible before.

What would you say to a coach considering this certification?

Susan L.: I would tell the coaches do it. Even if it's not your area. What you're going to learn about your brain, your body, your emotions, and why it is that we want to distract ourselves from our reality is priceless. It's worth every penny.

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