$5.75M - Adamson Ahdoot Video Testimonials

June 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!, $5,750,000.00

Describe your claim briefly, and what you were looking for in a law firm at the beginning of your case?

A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!: March 9th of 2017, my kids and I got rear-ended heading home on the 14 freeway coming to Lancaster by a company truck. After the accident, I began to experience severe lower pain on my lower back. So I decided to start seeking for legal advice. So, I wanted someone to help me to figure out with medical expenses alone, with the expenses of the accident. Um, Adamson Ahdoot was recommended to me through a friend that knew everything that I had gone through, and they knew they were able to help me with all the concerns that I had at the moment.

How did you hear about Adamson Ahdoot, and what initially drew you to them?

A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!: After I talked to my friend about Adamson Ahdoot, I decided to give it a shot and called the firm. I was able to set up a phone call appointment with Alan, and I was able to explain all of my concerns to him. And it was the best decision that I could ever make at the time.

Who were some of the AA Law members that helped you during your claim? What were some qualities they displayed that set them apart?

A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!: So, during the five years that I spent with this case, um a lot of people was working with me. Um, I don't remember all of their names, Um, some of them are Juan, Alan, Austin Mina, my case manager. Mina was the person that I used to spend the most time with over the phone, talking to her about any complaint that I have or any pain that I was experiencing at the time. She was always there for me. Everybody else were too, but she was the person, my to go person. So she...she's really sweet. I don't know how to explain the way that she was with me, she became my friend, and I don't know, I'm just so grateful for everyone.

Would you recommend Adamson Ahdoot to a family member or friend that has suffered a personal injury? What would you say made us stand out?

A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!: I highly recommend Adamson Ahdoot If anyone asked me for any firm, I will tell them to go with them. They're really trying to help people. They find the best doctors that they could give you to provide you the best medical and to help you to resolve your case and they take their time. They don't rush you. They're always fighting for your best interests. So I will highly recommend this firm.

How would you describe your overall experience with Adamson Ahdoot?

A Satisfied Adamson Ahdoot Client!: My experience with Adamson Ahdoot was amazing. They cared for people and they had my best interests in mind.

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