Rachel Michelle Bryant - Student Testimonial

April 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Michelle Bryant

What is your name and where are you based?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : Hi, everyone. My name is Rachel Michelle Bryant and I am an Atlanta based theater, film and TV, actor.

How long have you been with Actor Academy?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : Hi, everyone. My name is Rachel Michelle Bryant and I have been with Actor Academy for about a month and some change. Now, I believe I joined um around February 20th and it is currently March 31st, so about a month and some change and it has, it has been a blast uh, since day one, I hit the ground running and it's, it's been great.

What was the most valuable thing Actor Academy has helped you with?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : So I would say one of the most valuable pieces of information that I have gained so far. Um One of them was actually called from SOMA. It's from the first meeting that I had with her and she said to audition like an actor who works even when you're not. And that really helped change my perception about my self tapes, how I go about my auditions and scenes as well as the classes that I have been taking. I am in the advanced class and I have been taking interchangeably with Emily as well as SOMA. And we have really been focusing outside of our acting work. We've been focusing on the business aspect of things and I've really been able to ask specific questions that I need to know about the industry, about the union reels, et cetera. It's been a grand time and it feels good to know that you have all of these resources at your hand. It's, it's incredible.

What accomplishments you are proud of since your time with Actor Academy?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : OK. So I would say that one of my biggest accomplishments would be having confidence in myself tapes though I felt confident in my acting work. I did not feel confident in the tapes that I was submitting. Uh So I really do feel like that overall has changed in my short time that I have been with them. My booking ratio. I know some people don't believe in the term, but my booking ratio has increased since I have joined. And I think it's because I enjoy the aspect of taking a class, having a routine, but also being able to ask questions about the auditions, find different ways to uh solidify things and make the auditions more specific. So I think that's one of the biggest accomplishments that I have since joining actor academy is feeling confident in myself tapes and, and knowing that that confidence is taking me far.

What makes Actor Academy different from other acting schools?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : So I would say the biggest difference between actor academy versus other places is that you have access to a huge online database of information, things that Ilma has provided, that the other coaches have provided that really help narrow things down for you. So that even if you do have specific questions, you can go to their database or you can just ask them literally, just ask and they are right there to answer in the best way, they know how and in their professional opinion. And I really think it's great to have access to that information because you can always go back and reference it. I think that's, I think that's one of the most handy things.

What would you say to someone looking to join Actor Academy?

Rachel Michelle Bryant : OK. So to the new person looking to join Actor Academy, whether or not you are an experienced actor, if you have other training, I would say to come in with an open heart and an open mind, this business, this livelihood that we have chosen is it is constantly evolving and changing. And I truly do think that it is important that no matter how much training you have or or lack thereof, you can never learn too much because there's always something new added and Actor Academy is keeping up with all those new things that are constantly added. So I think it'll be a great fun ride for you as long as you use the resources that are available to you.

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