Steve Video

July 10, 2023


Video Transcript

Could you describe a time that Miracle helped you?

Hi, my name is Steve Rason. I'm the CEO of a company called Relevant Studio here in Canada. Uh I want to give a little testimonial to a miracle that did an excellent job for us uh regarding our flutter ha P. So we are a company in recruitment and we needed a specialist to build an application and mobile application for our client to be able to receive a CV directly on their phone. Because here in Canada, uh we have every company have problem with recruitment. We're missing a lot of people. So they need to go fast when they want to hire someone. So if a CV is receiving a computer somewhere and they need to connect uh three or four times a day uh like for a grocery store as an example. Uh they, most of the time they missed candidate, candidate get hired very fast somewhere else. So with this app, they get notification right away that they get, they, they receive the CV. So which is perfect. And Miracle was really helpful with us. Uh We had some bug on our side with our API and he helped the developer to resolve the bug uh we did many tests. Uh Miracle helped with the layout and he was really dedicated and even if we're not on the same continent, uh he was available quite, quite uh very um in the evening, I mean, uh very late in the evening. So yeah, that was a good experience. And I highly recommend this service if you need to have a specialist for helping you to develop your house. So, thank you very much.

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