Don A. and His knee Pain Story

June 24, 2023

Don A. and His knee Pain Story

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Don. Uh, went to active living center after a recommendation from a friend that, that they helped him with his shoulder and I was having problems with my shoulders and a knee. The knee has been a problem since 2006. Um, went in for an evaluation. They said I was a candidate for stem cell treatment, um, which I contemplated for about 15 minutes and said, let's do it. Uh, it was a little expensive but, um, it's been eight weeks now and, uh, it's quite amazing to tell you the truth. Uh, the swelling went down within the first week and a half and it's been getting better and better and better. Um, for the last 16 years. Um, it's been scoped twice about every six months. I went and got it drained, got a shot of cortisone or if it was under six months, they gave me a shot of some anti-inflammatory that only lasted about a month. Um, and I just got to live used to living with it. Um, but now everything's good. Um, I signed up for their kind of reworking the old body. The, my posture is better. I'm sleeping better. Um, they taught me a lot and it, um, let's put it this way, I'm gonna keep on going back. So anyways I hope this works. Doctor Jody. Y'all have a good day. This is Don. Bye.

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