Ross Larson Testimonial

June 30, 2021

Hear how we helped serial entrepreneur, Ross Larson, scale multiple direct to consumer businesses.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ross Larson

Before ACTIV, what was your biggest struggle in your business?

So our biggest struggle before working with ACTIV was scaling our digital advertising as a founder and business owner your attention is needed in so many different areas, and you're responsible for executing at a high level in every aspect of business. So it's really important to understand what capabilities maybe you lack as a founder, and find the right talent to fill those gaps. So that's when we reached out to ACTIV.

How has ACTIV helped your company grow?

ACTIV has helped us grow tremendously from our first meeting they identified areas of low hanging fruit of tweaks we can make to improve our return on ad spend on most platforms like Google Facebook Pinterest and then from there just really getting into the weeds and understanding your brands online presence to constantly tweak and iterate, whether it's a product page, email sequences, ad copy but constantly iterating and improving so that you can scale profitably and efficiently. And what I love about ACTIV is they have a dedicated team who is laser focused on your brand, doing those constant tweaks and iterations so that you can focus on other aspects of the business that need your attention. I'm super thankful for ACTIV.

Would you recommend ACTIV as an ecommerce growth partner?

You know, selfishly, I would not recommend ACTIV as an ecommerce growth partner because I want them all to myself now. All joking aside, if you're online brand and you're struggling to scale profitably and efficiently, or just need help with digital advertising in general, reach out to ACTIV. They've been amazing partner. I would highly recommend them to any brand out there, so reach out, give them a try and cheers to scaling.

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