Welcome Rachel Zeiss to ACME Constructors

June 21, 2022

Rachel Zeiss is ACME Constructors' newest Sr. Project Manager and she explains why she's excited to work at ACME and what her favorite summer activities are.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Zeiss, Sr. Project Manager, ACME

Please introduce yourself.

Rachel Zeiss: I'm Rachel Zeiss. I'm joining ACME as a Senior Project Manager. I grew up in St. Louis and then went to school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So I claimed Tulsa as my other home. I lived there for a while after graduation and then moved back to St. Louis a couple of years ago and really glad to be back home.

What excites you about working here?

Rachel Zeiss: So I got to know ACME over the last year and a half, working on a big project here in St. Louis. I was on the owner's side of that project and really got to see how ACME operates, what the people are like, how people deal with conflict and things not going according to plan and getting to witness all that from the other side makes me really excited about joining such a cool company.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Rachel Zeiss: A little about me, I love, especially in the summer, I love all this stuff going on in Forest Park. I went to Shakespeare in the park. I love going to shows that the muny, I'm on the board of the Muny Young Friends. If you're interested in going to a show with us, look us up on Instagram @MunyYoungFriends I love the Blues and going to Blues games. I am begrudgingly rooting for the Avs now because I think they're doing pretty good. So I love the Blues. And I love just hanging out with my friends and my family and enjoying all the city has to offer.

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