Jason Backues, Director at ACME Constructors

July 01, 2022

Jason Backues, a Director for ACME Constructors shares why he helped start the Columbia, Missouri office.

Video Transcript

How long have you been with ACME and what lead you to your current role here ?

Jason Backues: Hi, I'm Jason Backues. Director of ACME Constructors here at the Columbia Missouri office. We started this office about 10 years ago. DJ Simmons, a great friend of mine, the President of our company talked me into helping and getting things rolling and getting this office going. And we started out with just me over here in Colombia and have grown and got a lot of customers, keeping a lot of guys busy.

What is the culture like at ACME and what do you like about your role ?

Jason Backues: ACME Constructors is great place work. We..... we're like a family here.

Jason Backues: I started my construction career about a little over 20 years ago I guess. Now doing this is a challenge every day and something new every day and and it's fun to do it.

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