ACME Constructors, Irownworker Field Supervisor, Joe Hobbs

May 12, 2022

ACME Constructors' Joe Hobbs shares why being the Ironworker Field Supervisor means so much to him and what the ACME Team and customers think of the value of hard work.

Video Transcript

Speaker: joe hobbs, i w field supervisor

How long have you been with ACME and what lead you to your current role here ?

joe hobbs: Well, I have been with ACME going on 11 years, this October will mark 11 years. I worked six years in the field as an ironworker and then in June of 2017 was offered a position as the Ironworker Field Supervisor to manage manpower and jobs.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at ACME Constructors ?

joe hobbs: I'd say my favorite part of my role at ACME is being involved in the field and with the men and the jobs, as they are progressing. Starting them up and finish them, I like took it to get them done. That's what we do. We're good at it and the appreciation that is shown from management and as well as our customers is boy, it just really it's good.

What stands out to you about the culture at ACME Constructors ?

joe hobbs: Culture at ACME I'd say, being honest, and hardworking, earning your money every day. I mean you're paid well to do a job. You should do it and do it to the best best of your abilities. And I do believe that that's kind of, the culture that is installed here. The people that are here just have that in them. Not everyone has that in them, but for the most part we have it.

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