ACME Constructors, Director, Andy Goldkamp

May 10, 2022

ACME Constructors Director, Andy Goldkamp shares why he enjoys working with ACME and what his role means for the future of the company.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andy Goldkamp , Director

How long have you been with ACME and what lead you to your current role here ?

Andy Goldkamp : Hi, my name is Andy Goldkamp. I'm a director here at ACME constructors. I've been with the company for eight years and been in the construction industry in ST Louis for about 30 years. I started out as a project manager and as they grew with the company and the company is growing fulfilled a role as a director so that I can share my knowledge and help grow the next generation of project managers.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at ACME Constructors ?

Andy Goldkamp : One of my favorite things about working here at ACME is providing solutions for our customers. It's great to work with the teammates here. We've got such a depth of knowledge and our customers come to us with some pretty complex problems and, you know, from structural problems to process problems and we have just a great ability to provide solutions for them so that they can get back to doing what they do well.

What stands out to you about the culture at ACME Constructors ?

Andy Goldkamp : Our culture here at ACME values creativity, ingenuity and a strong work ethic, and these are things that I personally value in my work life as well. We also have a great sense of inclusion. Every team member has a role to play and every team member knows that their role is valuable to the overall good of the company.

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