Who Do You Love Working With and Why?

September 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeff Burkart

What is your name, and who is the team member you would like to recognize?

Hey everybody. Jeff Burkhart, Houston, Texas. I hope you guys are having an amazing day. Listen, I know it said I'm supposed to just represent a single team member, but I'm gonna go ahead and represent the firm. We call ourselves a firm up here at National because we like to take care of and handle our business. We're led by Stephen Griffin, Miss Cindy, Ma, Eric Jamir Big Bob. We take care of business and we handle things up here. So I just want to recognize the whole team. Give them a big shout out.

How has this person positively impacted you while you have been working here?

The reason that I chose the firm as a group that has positively impacted me while I've been working here is because it's been a great working environment to have a group of people that you can express yourself with and be open with and be candid with. And that's the type of environment that we've created where we can come together, not only through chat, but we do come together in live uh zoom sessions and team sessions and talk about problems or situations or issues that we're having, how we deal with them. Uh We can get feedback and input um from one another, we can joke with each other, we can laugh with each other um and just be expressive and in a safe environment and coming from an environment in sales, even though it was very similar in sales, it was a very competitive environment. You never felt like you could be comfortable and not feel like someone was trying to undermine you or sabotage you in this group. It's very much talking, sharing, expressing joking but serious when we have to deal with important issues. Uh but a safe place where we can bring ideas topics and thoughts, get clear answers, get feedback and just have a lot of fun. So anyway, it's been positive. I've enjoyed it. I love our group and I just represent the whole group because you guys and gal are a lot of fun to work with. So hope you guys have a great day. Thanks again.

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