Steven Drew for Hubs Student Testimonial - YT

August 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steven Drew, System Administrator, Pulau/Lockheed Martin

Why did you choose ACI Learning?

Steven Drew: I chose ACI Learning because of the recommendations from the VA, my voc rehab counselor, some of my friends that have gone through the course, my connections on LinkedIn that have gone through the course, they all highly recommended it.

How was your experience training at ACI Learning?

Steven Drew: My experience training with ACI was great. It was difficult. It, it took a lot of time, a lot of hard effort, a lot of personal time, personal research and everything to grasp the concepts that they provided. However, it was by far one of the best training courses I have gone through.

How is life after training at ACI Learning?

Steven Drew: Life after ACI for me and my family has changed immensely. My salary has since doubled. My opportunities to go back to school has increased. I'm now almost actually done with my bachelor's in cybersecurity and gonna go for my master's as well. And with the training provided by ACI it actually allowed me to transfer that over and reduce the time that I'm gonna have to spend in school because of those certifications. The opportunity provided to me now, I actually me and my family moved overseas to South Korea. I am now the system administrator for the close combat tactical training CCTT, the RVS the Reconfigurable Vehicle System and a couple other projects here in Korea itself. I am now actually part of a team that I'm actually in charge as well being a system administrator. I'm now in charge of all the equipment that's here in Pyeongtaek Camp Humphreys as well as up north at say, Camp Casey or Rob Range or Yongsan or something like that. So I've had so many opportunities open up for me. It is just unbelievable.

If you could say one thing to the staff at ACI Learning, what would it be?

Steven Drew: If I could say one thing to the staff at ACI Learning, it would be thank you. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for what you provide, not just to myself but others out there, other veterans, other takers that are going through the course that have gone through the course that will go through the course, the efforts that you put in, the hours that you put in, everything that you've done to provide the success, not just for myself, but for my family and others that have completed it. Thank you and keep it up.

Steven Drew: My name is Steve and I'm an ACI Learning graduate.

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