Stephen Lee for Hubs Student Testimonial YT

May 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephen Lee, Network Install Supervisor, Accucode Inc.

Why did you choose ACI Learning?

Stephen Lee: I chose ACI Learning for many reasons. I was looking to transition career fields expeditiously, and ACI Learning provided a curriculum that was nights so I could continue working full-time while gaining an education and experience for a new field. They also have a great relationship with the VA So I was able to use my benefits to pay for school, Ken Trip was my advisor, and he laid out the program clearly and concisely, which helped enable my confidence to be able to make the move to a new career field.

How was your experience training at ACI Learning?

Stephen Lee: My experience training at ACI learning was phenomenal. All the instructors have years of experience in their specific fields and knew exactly how to make the content relatable and easy to digest. I started at ACI learning with zero background in the IT field and ended up leaving my training feeling confident entering the field.

How is life after training at ACI Learning?

Stephen Lee: Life after training at ACI learning has definitely been interesting. Actually came out of the physical therapy field into the IT Field and within the first two months I got a promotion and a hefty little pay bump. Just based on utilizing all the information and skills I learned at ACI learning. I continue to excel at this job today and can continue to climb further up the ladder. I'm impressed with all the skills I've been able to implement into this job from ACI learning and I'm I mean I'm really somewhere I never thought I would be before and so to have this freedom and to be able to break out of that old career field and excel at something so quickly in a new field it's rewarding beyond all doubt.

If you could say one thing to the staff at ACI Learning, what would it be?

Stephen Lee: If I could say one thing to the staff at ACI learning, I mean I really don't have words to be honest how appreciative I am Brittany Koropatnicki was instrumental in my success. She was my career advisor. She took me through everything, she put me in front of employers, she helped me professionally, kind of get my resume together and all that and was just integral in helping me through that interview process and landing that first job. Ken Tripp got me set up with the school initially and he was just so informative and personable and inviting and so ACI has just been such a welcoming environment all the way through and I really just can't express how much gratitude I have for being in the position that I am today and I wouldn't have been able to make that with without those two. I mean, really shout out to you two, I'm beyond grateful for everything. I've had such a pleasant experience. So if I could say one thing, it's just thank you

Stephen Lee: My name is Stephen Lee and I'm an a ACI Learning graduate.

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