Greg Williams for Hubs Student Testimonial - YT

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Greg Williams, Operations Technician, Tierpoint

Why did you choose ACI Learning?

Greg Williams: I chose ACI learning because it was a great opportunity for me to build my foundation in IT. As I was coming from a totally different field nothing technical or had anything to do with computers. I really was making a career transition. I've been in my field previous field for about 20 years and was looking to do something different. I saw ACI and one of the things I liked was that I was able to sit down and physically go there and receive instruction. And if I had any questions the instructor was right there so I could ask any questions.

How was your experience training at ACI Learning?

Greg Williams: It was a good experience and a positive experience. There were several instructors that I learned from and all of them I could say we're passionate about learning their trade. I mean honestly, they could have been anywhere in the IT field and making whatever they wanted but they chose to teach because it was passion for them

How is life after training at ACI Learning?

Greg Williams: it's February now I've had actually have 2 IT jobs right now. One I'm an operations technician at a data center and the other one is I'm a network technician at a small IT IT Firm So I would say that ACI ACI was very instrumental to getting me into the field of IT

If you could say one thing to the staff at ACI Learning, what would it be?

Greg Williams: It would be thank you. Your efforts, you're teaching. It bears fruit. You may not see it all. But you know thank you.

Please say, “My name is ________, and I’m an ACI Learning graduate.”

Greg Williams: My name is Greg Williams and I am an ACI Learning graduate.

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