Ferrin Fontelroy for Hubs Student Testimonial - YT

May 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ferrin Fontelroy, Operations Analyst, ACEs

Why did you choose ACI Learning?

Ferrin Fontelroy: Hi, I'm just here to give you a quick look into my experience with aci learning. I chose aci learning mainly for the flexibility offered me to get my classes done. I'm a karate mom, a soccer mom, mom. I want to take piano lessons, mom. So I tend to ping around a lot with my daughter. So them offering classes that I could take in the evening allowed me to still get her to where she needed to be and also just the flexibility to get my coursework done. So that was really big for me.

How was your experience training at ACI Learning?

Ferrin Fontelroy: My experience at aci learning was amazing. And to say that in such a stressful time of being laid off and trying to figure out your next step just says a lot within itself. My instructors were very helpful. I never felt that there was a time that I had a question that they couldn't answer. I mean, I could text them, email them. Hey, I'm hung up on (CompTIA) A+ right now. Are there some tips that you can give me to you know, learn the work? Are there some study guides? I mean, even just reaching out to the counselors and the advisors on resume questions I always felt like everyone was there for me, like they were rooting for me to get, just get across that finish line and pick up on some new skills.

How is life after training at ACI Learning?

Ferrin Fontelroy: Life after training at aci has been crazy but the good crazy. Just getting the LinkedIn notifications of you've come up in searches so many times this week and such and such as interested in you just to know that they gave me skills that made me marketable and employers really wanted to reach out. That's amazing. I really don't think I could have done it without them.

If you could say one thing to the staff at ACI Learning, what would it be?

Ferrin Fontelroy: If I could say one thing to the staff at ACI learning is thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being in my corner. Just being laid off is a life-changing experience as an eye opener. You really start to look at things deeper. But the staff at aci you guys helped me not go into the woe is me and the pity party. Like I really felt like I'm in the ring and you guys are in my corner and it really pushed me to get my course work done and to really just believe in myself and you know what, it helped me bounce back even stronger and I really appreciate that.

Ferrin Fontelroy: My name is Farrin Fontelroy and I am an ACI Learning graduate and I say that proudly.

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