Christopher Novick for Hubs TA Program Testimonial- YT

April 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christopher Novick, IT Instructor (Contractor), ACI Learning - San Antonio, CO

What made you interested in the TA program at ACI Learning?

Christopher Novick: What interested me in the TA program from ACI learning was the opportunity to shadow more experienced instructors and see what works for them in the classroom, what gets the student's attention, and how to manage a class. I believe that exposure to that environment is very important when you're just starting to instruct.

What was your experience with the program?

Christopher Novick: My experience was great. I was approached by ACI and given the opportunity to enroll in the program. I got to shadow instructors both on site and online and I got to teach incrementally the portions of the classes that I felt comfortable with. And it was really, really helpful for my success. After completing the program, I was offered a position with ACI and I've been teaching for them for the last four months successfully. And I felt tremendously comfortable in front of a classroom full of people.

What would you tell somebody who is interested in the program?

Christopher Novick: So for anybody interested in the program, I would say give it a shot it's a really well structured program. It help you to get incrementally that exposure that you need to teach right and to get that fear of public speaking that most people have away I believe teaching is something that some of us think that we can be good at and, but we don't have the platform to do it. This TA program gives you that, that platform to do it little by little, get better at it and you're gonna have really good mentors, they help you out, they give you pointers on what to do better. It's a really good program. You should give it a shot if you're interested in teaching.

How has the TA program helped you achieve your career goals?

Christopher Novick: So how the TA program has helped me achieve my career goals. I always wanted to teach. This was a goal of mine and the TA program from ACI gave me the platform to do it So I always wanted to give back what other instructors have given to me. My first certification, my first introduction to IT was Security+ my first introduction to IT was Security+ And I've always been grateful for that first instructor. I keep in touch with him because it helped me kickstart my own personal career in cybersecurity. So it was always a goal of mine to do the same thing for other people. ACI and the TA program gave me that platform to do so.

Christopher Novick: My name is Christopher Novick and I'm an instructor for ACI learning.

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