Ashly Morgado for Enrollment Services - Introduction

July 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashly Morgado, Student Success Manager , ACI Learning

Introduce yourself! What is your role and how long have you been with ACI Learning?

Ashly Morgado: My name is Ashley Marano. And I have had the privilege of being a part of ACI Learning for the past three years. As the enrollment services manager, my primary responsibility revolves around ensuring that your enrollment process has been nothing short of a seamless journey thus far.

I don’t see my classes in the learning portal. What should I do?

Ashly Morgado: Upon completion of your meeting with the dedicated enrollment specialist. we kindly request your patience for a period of 24 to 48 hours as we process and load your classes into your student portal. In the event that the timeframe elapses and your classes have not yet appeared in your student portal, we encourage you to reach out to our support chat. Our diligent support team will promptly assist you and ensure a seamless connection with our enrollment services. department. Enrollment services will review your file and ascertain if any necessary information is missing.

I must miss a class. Can I do a make-up session?

Ashly Morgado: At ACI Learning, we adhere to a policy whereby makeup sessions for missed time cannot be accommodated. Our attendance records will accurately reflect only the time attended by each participant. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for our students. If you have missed any class materials and are still within the 80% attendance requirement, we offer the opportunity to meet with an Instructor/Mentor for a thorough review of missed content. To schedule mentoring sessions and take advantage of this valuable resource, we kindly request that you reach out to our dedicated support chat.

My current class schedule no longer works for me. What are my options?

Ashly Morgado: In the event that you require the rescheduling of your classes, we kindly request that you reach out to the ACI support chat. Our enrollment services team will promptly assist you in addressing your needs. While we make every effort to accommodate schedule conflicts for our students, it is important to note that the approval of reschedule is contingent upon the rules and regulations set forth by your funding source. We cannot guarantee that all reschedule requests will be granted due to these external factors. To ensure the highest likelihood of a successful reschedule, we strongly encourage you to proactively address any schedule conflicts prior to the commencement of your program. Reschedule approvals are generally more feasible before your program has begun rather than after. For certain funding sources, it is mandatory to provide documentation when requesting a schedule change. It is essential to have necessary paperwork readily available to facilitate a smooth transition and expedite the processing of your request.

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