Ramesh Rajan on Accountability

April 28, 2022

Crossmedia CFO Ramesh Rajan talks about the role of Accountability, a modern and agency-native ERP, in his agency's financial transformation.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ramesh Rajan, CFO, Crossmedia

What's the catalyst for Crossmedia's financial transformation?

Ramesh Rajan: With Crossmedia experiencing double digit growth, we realized that we had lots of inefficiencies and manual processes which needed streamlining. We were looking for a platform that took us on this journey of transformation.

Why Accountability?

Ramesh Rajan: We found Accountability which integrated with other parts of the business, including importantly our media buying platform. Plus it was developed by people who understood our business. The difference between the way we function

What results are you seeing?

Ramesh Rajan: The difference between the way we functioned before Accountability and now is night and day.

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